Application to withdraw the arbitration agreement

1. Instructions

In connection with the End User License Agreement – EULA

  • Chapter 14. Mandatory Arbitration Provisions
  • Article 14.3 Withdrawing from the arbitration agreement

You can decline this arbitration agreement by submitting the withdrawal form within 30 days of your initial account registration or acceptance of this agreement. However, if you have previously accepted a version of this agreement that allowed you to withdraw from arbitration, your prior choice to withdraw or not withdraw remains binding.

After submitting this form, your request will be reviewed by our team. You will receive a confirmation of your request via email within 10 business days.

If your request is approved, the arbitration agreement under Article 14.3 of the EULA will be considered withdrawn for your account. You will then need to resolve any disputes in accordance with normal legal procedures.

Please note that withdrawing from the arbitration agreement may have implications for the resolution of future disputes. We encourage you to consult with legal counsel before submitting this request.

For any information related to the arbitration process:

International Arbitration (

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