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The site will soon be open to all our customers.
We thank you for your confidence in ours softwares.

See you soon for the launch!!!

Danny Martineau – CEO Co Founder
Atlante Technologies

Mobile communication of encrypted data

Considering the issues of digital identity protection and information security for Smartphone users, we have carefully created an intelligent and innovative mobile environment with powerful features to secure your daily communications.

Secure storage of encrypted data

We have designed an intelligent and intuitive environment for the transfer and storage of your personal or business data. Our powerful algorithms automate the encryption and security of your sensitive documents and information.

Secure business management of encrypted data

A true intelligent conceptualization for the self-employed worker and the small business, we have imagined a secure and easy-to-use environment, bringing together all the management tools necessary for the proper functioning of the business

Your Data Belongs to you

« All our software products have been carefully designed to protect your personal and business sensitive data.

We thank you for the trust you place in ours softwares ».

Danny Martineau . CEO Co-Founder
Atlante Technologies