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"A leader is someone who knows the way, takes the way and shows the way.."
John C. Maxwell
One of the world's leading motivational speakers
Danny C. Martineau
CEO Co-Founder

Visionary entrepreneurs

Sensitive to the issues of privacy and security of personal and professional data, we had to act and innovate!

Created in May 2019, Atlante Technologies starts its activities of design and development of intelligent software according to the principles of Privacy by Design, an approach focused on the protection of privacy.

Protecting our users’ data and privacy is an integral part of our thinking. We believe that every decision and every new process must be carefully considered from different angles in the best interests of our software users.

We do not sell your data! The protection and confidentiality of sensitive data is our true mission. Our technologies allow you to communicate and manage your personal and professional data in complete security.

Atlante Technologies believes that the protection of privacy is a fundamental human right and we appreciate the trust that our customers, partners and team members place in us to take care of their personal data.

We are visionary entrepreneurs and committed to CSR.

  • Support for social innovation projects for children with autism.
  • Support for the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • Support for academic research on learning disabilities in schools.