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Description of the software

MIS1 ELITE includes 232 features.


  • French 
  • English

MIS1 Elite is designed for the user who wants to start protecting their privacy in a simple, easy and inexpensive way.

MIS1 Elite features a Secure Messaging Environment that allows you to send, receive  encrypted or unencrypted Email and automatically attach encrypted or unencrypted Files.

This version is made for the user who does not have much knowledge in technologies and wants to take total control:

  • SMS messages
  • Photos
  • Scanned Document’s
  • Secure Messaging Environment – EMAIL & FILE
  • And more…       

MIS1 Elite allows you to end-to-end encrypt your SMS messages and secure your Photos and Scans.

MIS1 Elite prevents unwanted access by third parties and thus prevents the contents of these personal documents from being read without your knowledge.

MIS1 Elite is more than an application, it is an easy-to-use environment that works intuitively



And get 1 additional year*

  1. * On our product MIS1 ELITE . 2Y Annual subscription.
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