Modern On Slavery Statement

The Atlante Technologies Modern Slavery Statement was last updated on 2023-11-07

At Atlante Technologies, as a small company specialized in software development and publishing, we recognize the importance of our commitment to combating modern slavery, even on our small scale. We are committed to acting responsibly and ethically in all our activities.

This statement reflects our determination to play a positive role in preventing modern slavery.

  1. Complete Rejection of Modern Slavery: Atlante Technologies categorically condemns all forms of modern slavery, including forced labor, child labor, human trafficking, and other similar practices. We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery, whether within our company or our supply chains.
  2. Risk Assessment: Even as a small business, we are committed to regularly assessing the risks of modern slavery related to our activities. We collaborate with our suppliers to ensure they share our commitment to ethics and respect for human rights.
  3. Awareness and Training: We strive to raise awareness among our employees regarding modern slavery issues and provide training to enable them to recognize warning signs and report any concerns.
  4. Response to Allegations: We encourage the disclosure of any concerns or allegations of modern slavery, even within our small structure. We take all allegations seriously and commit to conducting appropriate investigations, followed by corrective measures if necessary.
  5. Commitment to Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously improving our practices to strengthen the prevention of modern slavery, within the limits of our resources and scale. We regularly assess our performance and implement actions to improve.
  6. Transparency: Atlante Technologies publishes this statement on modern slavery on its website, despite our small size, to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability.

As a small software development company, we understand that our impact may seem modest compared to larger organizations. However, we believe that every company has a responsibility to contribute to the eradication of modern slavery. Atlante Technologies remains committed to promoting values of equality, dignity, and respect for all individuals, even within our small scale of operations.

Danny C. Martineau
CEO Co-Founder
Atlante Technologies

Legal Center

Chief Communication Officer